Awards and achievements


1.Certificate of Appreciation from the District Collector, Chittoor to Dr.T.Jayachandra Pillai, M.S. on 26-01-2020

2.Certificate of Appreciation from the Principal, S.V.M.C, Tirupati to Dr.T.Sobha devi, Assocaite professor on 15-08-2019



1Dr. Haritha got first prize in PG Quiz, IAPM- AP chapter, Midterm CME

2.Dr. Sumitha sree got first prize in poster presentation- IAPM- AP chapter, conference

Pulmonary medicine

1.Dr. Vamsee – won gold medal for best DTCD student of state 2018 , at state TB conference , RIMS , SRIKAKULAM , December , 2019.

2.Dr. Ejaj Ahmed– won gold medal for best DTCD student of state 2017 , presented at state TB conference , RIMS , SRIKAKULAM , December, 2019.

3.Dr. Bhagavad Geetha – final year MD student won 2nd prize at state chest conference for her paper “comparing the various prognostic criteria in community acquired pneumonia “ August , 2019, Tirupati.

4.Dr. Siva Mourya Gupta , PG , scored the highest marks among pulmonology post graduates in the state PG examination of June , 2019.


General Surgery

Thyroid Federation International conducted in the Department of General Surgery, SVMC,TPT March 2019Paper presentation: Early predictors of Hypocalcemia after total thyroidectomy . 1st Prize Dr.Sahithi Priya

RRC CONFERENCE Hyderabad-July 2019 case presentation; PG Students Dr. Sahithi priya,-Obstructive Jandice-1st Prize ,Dr. Geethika-Early Breast carcinoma-3rd Prize

Vijayawada conference August 2019 APASICON QUIZ WINNERS-1st Prize for PG Students Dr.Tharak Mourya,Dr.Sahithi Priya,Dr.Prashanth,Dr.Sree Rama Raju

IAESCON 2019 20th Annual conferences of Indian Association of Endocrine Surgeons Dr.A.J.Bessam Best Poster Award to Dr.K.Prashanth , PG Stuudent

WORKSHOP AND PGCME Program at RDT Hospital , Bathalapalli , Ananthapur from 1st -3rd November 2019.  Group Quiz ,1.Dr.A.Bhanu Theja,2.Dr.Tharak Mourya, 3.Dr.Prashanth ,4.Dr.Suman Babu.

 KS.Shekar state level surgical quiz held at Bengaluru by Surcical society of Bengaluru     ASICC prize of 2000 rupees was awarded PG Students,DR.K Prashanth and

DR.V.Charishma ,

ASICON 2019.

Guest Lectures 

 Dr. G .V .PRAKASH  ,M.S , Professor & HOD ,Department of General Surgery

 TOPIC: Salivary Gland Tumors

 Panel  Discussion

1.Dr G. V .PRAKASH  ,M.S ,  Professor & HOD ,Department of General Surgery

TOPIC: Hereditary  Nonpolyposis Colorectal  Cancer

2.Dr.N.V.RAMANAIAH , M.S Professor ,Department of General Surgery

TOPIC: Acute Colonic  Obstruction

National  Level Case Presentation

Dr B Sahithi priya, Final Year Post Graduate (Bagged free travel & Registration from ASI)

TOPIC: Multinodular  Goitre

Awards Received

Poster Presentation:

1.Dr. S .V. Praveena , Final Year Post Graduate, 1st Prize

TOPIC: Gastrointestinal  Stromal Tumor  Presenting  As Hemoperitoneum.

2.Dr. G. Prasanna Laxmi Bai, Final Year Post Graduate, 3rd Prize

TOPIC: Adult  Intussusception Secondary  to  Meckel ‘s Diverticulum .

Paper Presentation:

1.Dr .M .Jahnavi, First Year Post Graduate, 1st Prize

TOPIC: Out Comes After Lateral Pancreaticojejunostomy   in  Chornic.               Pancreatitis : A Prospective Study

2.Dr .M. Sai Anugna, Second Year Post Graduate, 3rd Prize

TOPIC: Immediate Management of Bile Duct injuries After Cholecystectomy .


 1.Dr.K.Praveen kumar- final year  post graduate (2017-2020)


2.Dr.K.Praveen kumar – final year post graduate(2017- 2020)

Has participated in the final round of TORRENT YOUNG SCHOLAR AWARD 2019 (PSYCHIATRY)

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