Department Introdution




    Mission is to provide such knowledge and skills to the students that shall enable them

  • To practice as a clinician.
  • As a primary eye care physician and surgeon,
  • Also to function effectively as a community health leader.
  • To assist in the implementation of National Programme for the prevention of blindness & rehabilitation of the visually impaired


Courses offered

  • MBBS (1961) – Intake 200 per annum
  • DO (1970)- 2 per annum
  • MS (1970)- 6 per annum


Services offered

OPD services

Specialty Clinics

Eye bank

In-patient services

Out reach programmes




1.    British Journal of Ophthalmology

2.    American Journal of Ophthalmology

3.    Archives of Ophthalmology

4.    Indian Journal of Ophthalmology

5.    Ophthalmology Today

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